Spokane, WA

Iron Goat Brewing Co.

About the Brewery

Iron Goat Brewing’s journey began when Greg and Paul, initially strangers, struck up a casual conversation at a local bar in Spokane, Washington. United by their shared interests in motorcycles, ceramic horses, and home brewing, their venture evolved into a thriving brewery and taproom. Faced with overwhelming demand in the craft brewery-deprived Pacific Northwest, Iron Goat relocated to a historic building that once served as a mechanic school in downtown Spokane. The expanded space boasts a larger bar, repurposed materials from the site, and a kitchen to address persistent requests for food. Today, Iron Goat Brewing, nestled in the heart of Spokane, remains dedicated to crafting innovative brews, collaborating with fellow breweries, and actively participating in the brewing community to uphold the spirit of independent beer.

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