Anaheim, CA

Noble Ale Works

About the Brewery

Located in Anaheim, close to landmarks like Disneyland, Angel Stadium, and The Honda Center, Noble Ale Works offers a standout brewery and taproom experience. Since its establishment in 2009, Noble Ale Works has been captivating craft beer enthusiasts with exceptional brews and memorable experiences.

Renowned for its hop-forward beers and the distinctive Naughty Sauce, a golden milk stout that enchants the palate, Noble Ale Works invites visitors on an unparalleled beer journey. The brewery provides an escape from the usual amusement park fare, offering a dive into the true magic of craft beer in Anaheim.

With a commitment to flavor, passion, and craft, Noble Ale Works has become a beloved destination for beer aficionados both locally and from afar. It stands as a testament to what beer can be, offering a unique experience that elevates the beer journey for every visitor.

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