Spokane, WA

The Grain Shed

About the Brewery

In their pursuit of crafting exceptional culinary delights, the artisans behind this establishment showcase a dedication to excellence in both brewing and baking. Specializing in unique and flavorful beers, they exclusively utilize rare grains and locally grown ingredients, malted in Spokane to ensure a distinct and incredibly drinkable experience. Collaborating with local growers, they strive to create beer styles that capture the essence of the Inland Northwest’s magical grain-growing utopia.

This commitment to uniqueness extends to their breads, pastries, and pastas, where ancient grains form the foundation. Employing traditional methods such as stone grinding to preserve nutritional value and flavor, along with meticulous processes like fermenting dough and extruding pasta through brass dies, they produce products that are not only healthy but also irresistibly delicious.

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