June, 2021

Cincinnati, OH

About the City

We think that Cincinnati, Ohio, doesn’t really get the attention it deserves. The city is Ohio’s largest metropolitan area, but it is also a very classic and historically established city. Because of its strategic location on the Ohio River, Cincinnati saw a diverse population pour into its city center by the 20th Century, and the city now reflects those intersections of culture and creed.

Cincinnati is a major player in the history of American beer, too, believe it or not. Breweries in Cincinnati started their craft in the mid-19th Century, as a lot of German immigrants brought their brewing history to the city. In fact, so much beer was made (and drunk) in Cincinnati that it was dubbed the “Beer Capital of the World” in 1890! Cincinnati breweries now include some nationally recognized craft beer brands (like Rhinegeist Brewery and MadTree Brewing) that helped kick off the craft beer revolution. The brewing spirit remains strong in Cincinnati breweries, with new producers opening every year with fresh ideas and pioneering spirit.

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