March, 2022

Omaha, NE

About the City

Founded during a pre-Civil War pioneer rush, the city of Omaha, Nebraska, has grown into a contemporary American Midwest gem. Omaha is home to one of the world’s most revered zoos, several influential Fortune 500 companies, alternative music record labels, massive fashion shows, and much, much more. In the 1950s, Omaha’s Union Stockyards overtook Chicago as America’s largest livestock market and meat packing center, and premium beef from the heart of Nebraska remains in high demand.

Omaha’s storied innovative spirit, of course, extends into its brewing industry. In the mid-19th Century, Omaha’s “Big 4” breweries—Storz Brewing Company, Fred Krug Brewery, Willow Spring Distilling Company and Metz Brothers Brewing Company—started producing beer. Like many other American cities, Omaha’s brewing traditions kicked back up in the mid-1990s during the first wave of the American craft beer revolution. Today, there are dozens of independent craft breweries operating in Omaha and its surrounding suburbs.

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