Pittsburgh, PA

Burghers Brewing Co

About the Brewery

Burghers Brewing Company officially began in 2017 when head chef and owner Fiore Moletz invited his engineer-turned-brewer friend Neil Glausier to join him as his partner and Brewmaster of his 2010-established Burghers restaurant. The result of their partnership rocketed Burgher’s experience to new heights of culinary excellence while solidifying Moletz’s original vision of creating a restaurant that is approachable, affordable, and sustainable.

Burghers Brewing Company focuses on traditional European-style lagers while offering a diversity of modern flavors to their tap list. Cross-compatibility between food and beer makes the experience complete. We believe there is no better combination of food and beverage than a delicious smash burger and a crisp pint of beer. Burghers Brewing Company has mastered the ergonomics and economics of that match made in heaven and is spreading its love of burgers and beer throughout the region with its expanding business.


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