February, 2024

Pittsburgh, PA

About the City

Pittsburgh, a city rich in history, is affectionately known by many nicknames – “The Paris of Appalachia,” “The City of Bridges,” and the renowned “Steel City.” This storied past as a 20th-century industrial powerhouse has paved the way for an exciting transformation. Today, Pittsburgh is a dynamic hub for technology, cultural arts, and most thrillingly, an emerging mecca for exceptional beer.

The city’s beer scene is a delightful surprise. The Pittsburgh Brewing Company, a stalwart in the beer industry since 1861, has weathered Prohibition and industry shake-ups. Nowadays, Pittsburgh’s beer landscape is flourishing with new breweries emerging across the city, revitalizing communities and redefining Pittsburgh’s identity. These breweries brim with innovation and zest, creating some of Pennsylvania’s most celebrated beers. Amid the ongoing craft beer revolution, Pittsburgh’s beer culture is vibrant and showing no signs of slowing down – a true paradise for beer aficionados!

It’s been since July 2021 that we last explored Pittsburgh, and we’re eager to discover what else the city has been brewing up. With its ever-evolving landscape, there’s no doubt that Pittsburgh continues to surprise and delight with its innovative spirit and rich offerings. Let’s dive back in and see what new treasures Pittsburgh has in store!

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