Tampa, FL

Magnanimous Brewing

About the Brewery

Magnanimous Brewing, co-founded by Charlie Meers and Michael Lukacina, opened its Tampa Heights location in October 2020. Known for its innovative craft beers, the brewery quickly became a local and tourist favorite. It distributes its beers statewide across Florida and regionally in the Southeastern USA.

In addition to its Tampa site, Magnanimous has expanded to include a brewery and taproom in Bradenton, enhancing its presence in the craft beer market. Each location offers a wide range of on-site crafted beers in a welcoming atmosphere, designed to be community hubs. They emphasize sustainability and host seasonal and experimental brews, reflecting the brewery’s commitment to quality and innovation.

As it grows, Magnanimous Brewing continues to focus on community engagement, environmental sustainability, and expanding its reach in the craft beer industry.

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