May, 2024

Tampa, FL

About the City

Tampa’s craft beer scene is a testament to its rich cultural tapestry and innovative spirit, standing out with its unique blend of history, creativity, and community focus. In the heart of Tampa, you’ll find Cigar City Brewing, a powerhouse that has garnered national acclaim with its Jai Alai IPA, infusing local flavors like citrus and tropical fruits into its brews, embodying the essence of Florida’s vibrant ecosystem.

Emerging alongside traditional giants are cutting-edge breweries such as Coppertail Brewing Co., which draws inspiration from Florida’s maritime folklore, offering a range of beers from hoppy IPAs to rich, dark ales. Tampa Bay Brewing Company, one of the oldest in the area, continues to innovate with its core lineup and seasonal releases, often incorporating local ingredients and flavors that reflect Tampa’s culinary diversity.

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