July, 2022

Bend, OR

About the City

First used as a fishing and hunting area by Indigenous peoples and then settled as a logging community by European settlers, the city of Bend, Oregon, is now known as an adventurer’s paradise. The city sits just east of the Cascade Mountains and flows along the Deschutes River, meaning visitors to Bend can enjoy numerous outdoor activities no matter the time of year. Oregonians regularly flock to Bend to enjoy skiing excursions, white water rafting, rock climbing, biking and much, much more.

But as far as we’re concerned, Bend’s largest appeal is its incredible brewing culture. Bend’s first craft breweries opened in the late 1980s and its brewing industry continued to expand in the 1990s. The breweries in Bend enjoy close proximity to some of the best hop farms in the world, and that is reflected in incredibly fresh and flavorful beer. More than 20 breweries now call Bend home, and even more beer makers can be found scattered around surrounding communities such as Redmond and Sunriver.

Beers Featured
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