August, 2022

Boise, ID

About the City

One of America’s fastest growing cities, Boise, Idaho, is a popular destination for a lot of reasons. The mountainous city is connected to its surrounding nature while simultaneously offering major attractions, diverse restaurants and a buzzing nightlife for residents and visitors alike. Few cities are better intertwined with their surrounding nature than Boise; a 25-mile greenbelt trail through the city connects hikers and bikers to 850 acres of natural areas.

Much like the city itself, Boise’s brewery scene is rapidly growing, with new, innovative brewers calling Boise home every year. Boise’s first microbrewery opened in the early 1990s—the first in the state. More than a dozen breweries have opened in Boise in the time since, with many showcasing Alpine flavors using locally-grown hops and grains.

Beers Featured
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