March, 2024

Bozeman, MT

About the City

Bozeman, Montana is famous for its abundant opportunities to experience nature and adventure. With some of the largest skiing destinations in America just an hour away, the world’s best fly fishing spots, hundreds of thousands of acres of public land within a short drive, and access to some of the best ice climbing destinations in America, it’s no wonder that Bozeman is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. 

The culinary scene in Bozeman is as diverse as the community and the surrounding nature. From fried pickles to homemade pasta, there is something for everyone in Bozeman. It is no surprise that all the things that make Bozeman so special are rooted in the mountains, the community, and its people.

The local beer scene is a standout feature of Bozeman, rapidly gaining recognition for innovation and quality. Pioneers like Bozeman Brewing Company and newer players such as Mountains Walking Brewery lead Montana’s craft beer revolution, reinventing the city’s identity and invigorating neighborhoods.

Beers Featured
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