July, 2023

Brooklyn, NY

About the City

Brooklyn is New York City’s largest borough and would, in fact, stand as America’s third-largest city if separated into its own distinct municipality. Settled by the Dutch all the way back in the 17th Century, Brooklyn is now one of the greatest hubs of cultural diversity in the entire world. More than 600,000 Jews call Brooklyn home—more than Jerusalem—and the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood has stood as one of the most important African-American communities throughout the history of the United States.

Brooklyn’s brewing roots run deep, as well. During its peak before World War I, there were 45 breweries operating in Brooklyn. All of those breweries had closed by 1976, though, and no one set up shop before craft beer giant Brooklyn Brewery opened its Brooklyn production facility in an old matzo factory in 1996. Since then, Brooklyn has become New York City’s most prolific brewing burrough. Small and independent breweries continue to pop up in the streets of Brooklyn, with each new brewer bringing something new to the table. Brooklyn brewers are on a roll now, and we don’t see them slowing down anytime soon.

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