June, 2023

Cincinnati, OH

About the City

Two years after starting our beer journey across the country, we’re back in Cincinnati, Ohio! The Queen City has been good to us over the years and we’re ecstatic to be back with brand new brews to share with our beer club members. For those not in the know, Cincinnati is truly one of America’s best under-the-radar beer cities. Cincinnati has a proud brewing tradition that dates all the way back to 1812, with the first commercial brewery popping up on the banks of the Ohio River just 25 years after the city was settled. The city was even dubbed the “Beer Capital of the World” in 1890!

That enterprising brewing spirit continues on strong to this day. Cincinnati’s first craft breweries started popping up decades ago, and now the city is home to some of the largest independent craft beer producers in the entire country. Because of the area’s deep beer roots, new brewers are emboldened to push boundaries and rethink traditional styles, making Cincinnati one of the most exciting beer scenes in the country.

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