January, 2023

Fort Collins, CO

About the City

Founded as a military outpost in the midst of the American Civil War, the city of Fort Collins grew gradually as settlers flooded into Colorado. The city has seen several ups and downs, with strict Prohibition laws in the early 20th Century leading into harsh Depression-era droughts. Eventually, the area experienced a population boom and economic prosperity following World War II. Today, visitors are drawn to Fort Collins because of its pervasive college town vibes, exciting outdoor recreation and, most importantly, the impeccable beer culture.

Fort Collins has thoroughly rejected its early Prohibition sentiments and now has a beer scene equalled by few worldwide. Craft breweries started popping up in Fort Collins in the late 1980s and more than 20 breweries now call the city home, including national craft beer giants New Belgium Brewing Company and Odell Brewing Company. In fact, Fort Collins produces about 70% of all the craft beer made in Colorado, one of the largest craft beer states in America.

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