May, 2023

Grand Rapids, MI

About the City

Situated along the Grand River and near the shores of Lake Michigan, the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an often-overlooked gem. Surrounded by fresh water, the city is one of America’s premier destinations for anglers, while cyclists flock to the city for its abundance of biking trails. As with most cities that attract outdoor enthusiasts, Grand Rapids has established a remarkable craft beer scene.

The area has a rich and long brewing history, starting in the mid-19th Century. Today, the city is home to national craft beer brands, as well as innovative breweries exploring new brewing processes. Grand Rapids’ brewing industry also includes several women-owned breweries and Black-owned breweries, making it one of the more diverse craft beer scenes in the country. It’s no wonder that USA Today dubbed Grand Rapids as the “Best Beer City” for the past two years.

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