December, 2021

Houston, TX

About the City

Though it’s home to a massive concentration of medical research centers, international shipping ports and even a spaceflight center, we can’t help but shake the feeling that Houston doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S.—and it feels like it. The city is massive and sprawling, and each pocket of the city is teeming with its own history and cultural roots.

You’d think a city like Houston would have tons of well-established craft beer brands, but most of Houston’s breweries are new to the scene. Because of restrictive craft beer laws in Texas, many breweries didn’t get out of the gate so easily. But that may be a blessing in disguise because now breweries in Houston represent some of the most creative beermakers in the U.S. Houston breweries aren’t afraid to take leaps of faith on bold and unconventional flavors, or to try new techniques on classic styles. In a city like Houston, it doesn’t hurt to stand out—and many Houston breweries strive to do exactly that.

Beers Featured
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