January, 2022

San Antonio, TX

About the City

Founded in 1718 by Spanish missionaries, San Antonio is the oldest chartered city in the state of Texas. Because of San Antonio’s deep-rooted history as part of the Spanish Empire, the Mexican Republic and the Republic of Texas, the city boasts rich and colorful cultural history. San Antonio is currently the second-largest city in Texas, and the seventh largest city in the entire U.S. Visitors to the city can enjoy nearly limitless attractions, including cultural heritage sites, amusement parks, the San Antonio River Walk and, of course, plentiful breweries.

San Antonio’s rich history extends to the brewing industry. The historic Pearl Brewing Company opened in the late 19th Century and produced beer in San Antonio until 2001, when operations were moved. Beginning in the mid-1990s, craft breweries carried on the brewing tradition in the Alamo City. Today, dozens of craft breweries have set up shop in San Antonio with a diversity in creativity and flavors that perfectly reflect the city they brew in!

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