August, 2021

Lexington, KY

About the City

Situated in Kentucky’s picturesque Bluegrass region, the city of Lexington is known worldwide as the premier destination for horse racing and other equestrian events. The city is home to two historical racing tracks that have hosted Breeders Cups, and Lexington’s thoroughbred auction house has seen dozens of Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes winners walk through its halls.

So what is there to do after a long day or horsing around in Lexington? Grab a beer, of course! A burgeoning craft beer scene can be found in and around the city, with Lexington breweries utilizing the area’s agricultural roots to craft crisp and interesting beers. From bourbon barrel-aged stouts to simple, single-grain lagers, Lexington breweries are an expression of Kentucky’s local culture.

Beers Featured
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