July, 2021

Pittsburgh, PA

About the City

Over the course of its history, Pittsburgh has racked up quite a few monikers. The Paris of Appalachia. The City of Bridges. Perhaps most notably, Steel City. Pittsburgh’s position as a center of American industry throughout the 20th Century is well documented, but that belies the city’s current transition into a modern hub of technology, cultural arts and, most importantly to us, fantastic beer.

Pittsburgh beer is low-key legendary. Local beer giant Pittsburgh Brewing Company was established back in 1861 and remained one of America’s few regional beermakers through Prohibition and waves of consolidation. Today, countless Pittsburgh breweries are sprouting up around the area, helping to revive and serve communities left behind by fleeing industry. These Pittsburgh breweries sprint with opportunity and innovation and, as a result, now produce some of the highest-rated beers in all of Pennsylvania. Now decades into the craft beer revolution, breweries in Pittsburgh show no signs of slowing down.

Beers Featured
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